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Name: Madalati Initiative
Category: Muslim Volunteer of the Year
Total Votes: 1077

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List of the nominee's achievements:

Madalati youth volunteer initiative to serve the community and build youth leaders is established in (2013) by a group of students The most important objectives of the Initiative : Work on the formation of a community of young leaders and the educated intelligentsia capable of serving the community and promoting it and is based on five pillars, namely:
1 - Community : Through seminars, workshops and training courses that aim to build a cohesive society and socially diverse
2 - Culture : Promote the concept of self-esteem and cultures of others and focus on cultural exchange and constructive dialogue among young people from different areas in the Kingdom.
3 - Tourism : Promote the concept of tourism in Jordan and attract tourists to these areas through the promotion of local communities in order to help these areas to provide job opportunities for them and sell their products local.
4 - Environment : Improving the environment through seminars, workshops and activities that contribute to increase their awareness of the risks associated with the direction of the negligence of these problems.
5 - Health : Inform and educate young people in the health field and display the most accurate scientific Seaothat that belong to both sexes about health issues through the day Mazlta mobile medical meetings, seminars and talk shows.

The impact and influence the nominee had on the Muslim word:

Madalti Initiative : Seeks to build an integrated community better by building capabilities and capacities of young people and enable them to enhance cooperation and insisted that social cohesion among them to resolve the issues and problems they face in the development of their communities.

The impact and influence the nominee had on the world and humanity:

The Impact is on all youth during this year madalati Established (five) programs focus to promote the concepts of Leadership, Empowerment & Entrepreneurs
and then participated in make better world .

How the nominee’s activities and achievement will continue to impact and influence in the future:

Each programs must be sustainable , theirs continuous research & development to provide a place for all the volunteers and then select ( 10 ) of the best to improve them during the training to make the perfect leader .

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