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Name:Anwar Almojarkesh
Country:United Kingdom
City:Greater London
Category: Muslim Invention of the Year
Total Votes: 35

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List of the nominee's achievements:

1. First place winner in an inventions competition on Saudi Arabia and Bahrain scale in 1998 (when I was 14 years old) with my Innovation, the electrical screwdriver that works on battery.

2. First place winner in an exposition in Saudi Arabia that occurred in the Eastern Region in 2002 for best 11 Innovation and received a cash award from the prince of the Eastern Region, Prince Mohammad bin Fahed.

3. Participated in National Parade 26-05-2009 in Amman- Jordan with my invention Splash Alarm. It is an alarm that the user set in the morning, and sprays water on you to wake the user, particularly well in the early morning for an efficient awakening.

4. Participated in National Parade 29-05-2010 in Irbid- Jordan with my inventions I-drift and Safe Corner. I-drift is an electrical scooter that works on rechargeable battery. Safe corner is a device that can be placed on street or building corners to alert whether if there is anything moving on the other side of the corner.

5. Got fifth place in a solar car competition that occurred in Cyprus in June 2010 with a group of mechanical engineering students in my university.
This is the link of competition:

6. First place winner of Ideas Festival 2010 in the Science and Technology sector with my 2 inventions Smart Umbrella and Dancing Pillow.
This is the link of competition:

7. First place winner National Parade 2011 in Amman- Jordan with my invention Rolling Shoes. They are skating shoes that are controlled by a motor, and functions by acceleration handle controlled by your hand.

8. Won several places in Queen Rania Competition for Entrepreneurship 2011: First place Innovation Award, Third place Clean Technology Award, Fourth place in Universities Track. Participated with Movement Charger.

9. Second place winner in Clean Tech Open Ideas Competition in Amman, Jordan 2011, with Movement Charger.

This is the link of competition:

10. A speaker in TEDx Youth @Amman in November 2011.
This is the link of TEDx Youth @Amman:;search%3Atag%3A%22tedxyouth-amman%22

11. Won In GIST competition in Istanbul - Turkey 06-12-2011. Participated with Movement Charger. Movement Charger is a portable electronic device that recharges the portable device using the vibration made from movement/walking. The main concept of this device is transferring kinetic energy coming from the vibration of the person to electrical energy so the smartphone and other portable devices are charged.

This is the link of competition: (Page5)

12. A speaker in TEDx Kings Academy in Madaba 2012. Spoke about me several inventions

13. Participated in TEDx Irbid in Creativity Area with 3 inventions, Wireless power transmitter, Movement Charger and Dancing Pillow. Wireless power transmitter is a device that allows neighboring electrical devices to be recharged wirelessly, like smartphones.

14. First place winner on Jordan in Imagine cup Competition of Microsoft with my invention Dancing Pillow, 2012.The Microsoft Imagine Cup is the world's premier student technology competition. Over the past ten years, more than 1.65 million students from more than 73 countries have participated in the Imagine Cup.

This is the link of competition:

15. Participated in Amman TT in Zara Expo in Amman, Jordan 2012, and talked about my achievements and inventions.

16. Represented Jordan in Worldwide Finals Microsoft Imagine Cup in Australia 2012, and placed in the Top 10 countries.

This is the link of competition: (Page50)

17. First Place winner in Creative Business Cup Amman-Jordan 04-10-2012
This is the link of competition:

18-Represented Jordan in Global Creative Business Cup 202 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Creative Business Cup is a competition for entrepreneurs from the creative industries anywhere in the world. The creative industries include
-Content production e.g. computer games
-Books and the press
-Film & Video
-Art and crafts
-Radio & TV
-Amusement Parks & Live Scenes
-Leisure activities

The purpose of Creative Business Cup is to strengthen the business competencies of creative entrepreneurs. Through participating in the competition each entrepreneur should increase their ability to successfully start up a company based on their creative competencies.
The setup of the global competition is that the winner from each country competes against other national winners in November 2012 at the Global Award Show in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This is the link of competition:

19- Attend GES-EVA Summit 11 - 12 December 2012 in Dubai - UAE , The Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) was announced in 2009 by President of the United States Barack Obama in his 'A New Beginning' speech at Cairo University in Egypt. The GES debuted the following year when the President held the first event in Washington to empower entrepreneurs with the skills and resources necessary to compete and thrive in the 21st century.
The 2nd edition followed in 2011 hosted by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul, Turkey and welcomed a US delegation including Vice President Joe Biden.

This is the link of conference:

20 -Participated in MIT Competition from 50 finalist – Doha- Qatar April 2013
This is the link of Competition:'s-semi-finalist-round

21- Third place in Starcube Competition – Brno-Czech Republic- May 2013. (Page: 4)

23. Best performance in Sauna Startup - Czech Republic – Prague
24. PARTICIPATE in GIST Tech-I Competition 2013 in Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

25. Won Grant Sauna Startup, In Finland – Helsinki

26. One of top five teams got a 40 000€ investment in Slush event on Finland-Helsinki , of which 10 000€ from Startup Foundation and 30 000€ from Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation and the best performers of the Demo Day were awarded with a trip to Silicon Valley

The impact and influence the nominee had on the Muslim word:

1-My Invention ( Braci ) help many people to wake up for Al Fajir Pray with vibration pillow and flashing light . 2-Make deaf and hard hearing people more alerted to all situations around them 3- Coaching and advisor for Muslims Start ups .

The impact and influence the nominee had on the world and humanity:

1- Helping deaf and hard hearing people to get alerted for emergencies sounds around them such as : Fire Alarms , Smoke Alarms , Doorbells , Baby Crying , Alarm Clock , Telephone and More by communicate them with smart Application called ( Braci ) and vibration Bracelet .

2-Make deaf and hard hearing people more safe and easy life .

3- Developed the first algorithm around the world which can recognize all Non Speech sounds very fast and with high matching rate up to 95% .

4- Able to implement our algorithm with any platform of smart phones or Hardware

5- Make deaf and hard hearing people drive their car safer ans easily

6- Now deaf and Hard hearing people can use the same equipment what hearing people are used , Such as Fire Alarms , Smoke Alarms , Doorbells , Baby Crying , Alarm Clock , Telephone and More

How the nominee’s activities and achievement will continue to impact and influence in the future:

1- We will distribute our product around the world for free limited version , which can use it bu any deaf and hard hearing users .

2- Make Deaf and hard hearing people more safer with our solution

3- Very cheap solution can be targeted with any customer level income .

List of any references that support the nomination, i.e books, magazaines, websites, ..etc

1- My Invention called "Braci" this is the website :







7- (Page5)