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Name:Islamic Educational College
Category: Muslim School of the Year
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List of the nominee's achievements:

Types of volunteer service:
Distributed volunteer service on two types: Foreign Service (outside schools) internal service (within schools)

Areas of Foreign Service
• To give lessons to strengthen basic stage from first to fourth topics in mathematics and English and Arabic Student beneficiaries of social services centers.
• The students sort and arrange laundry and processing in Bank of service before being distributed to charitable associations and centers and families in need and other
• The distribution of in-kind assistance to the needy in different occasions.
• The implementation of the many actors recreational activities for children in the centers concerned.
• Participation in the projects volunteer leaders "generations capable" with the Jordan river during the summer holiday.
• Participation in hygiene campaigns organized by the Jordanian environment in forests, parks and other archaeological and tourist sites.
• The work of collecting cash contributions in favor of an institution Hussein cancer through various activities a running of life, in which students from fifth to tenth grades participate.
• To contribute to the restoration of the ramshackle houses of some poor families.
• The bazaars charity in various schools and monitoring the Student Fund donated to support poor schools in total.

The areas of internal service:
Can vary their activities within schools to include the activities of the:
• Within the Library.
• Supervision of the school canteen.
• Beauty salon school through the work of the graffiti.
• Planting basins and coordination.
• Paint streets inside the school.
• The re-arrangement and school laboratories, computer laboratories.
• Recycling.
• Classes are decorated corridors.
• Strengthening other lessons for students of the school.

The impact and influence the nominee had on the Muslim word:

Community Service is associated with the mission of the IEC since it was established in the mid forties of the previous century. The story of establishing the schools in fact was a community service work conducted by a number of charity men who were dedicated and loyal to this country. The schools of the IEC believe in the importance of the community service work for students. The aim is to instill in them the sense of social responsibility towards their community and to be productive and positive members in their society. These programs have a very effective upshot on students which is exemplified in enhancing their personalities, instill in them the spirit of team work, improve the idea of positive thinking and many other values related to community service work.

The impact and influence the nominee had on the world and humanity:

At the beginning of the scholastic year 2011/2012 the schools of the IEC started different voluntary work programs inside and outside the schools. Most of these programs were implemented and it showed a great positive influence on both sides.

For example, 11th and 10th grade students have participated in a lot of voluntary service programs in different institutions and social centers…. Such as: Child and Family Care Centers, Queen Rania Center for Child and Family, Clothes Bank, Jordanian Women development society, Red Cross Society and many more.

How the nominee’s activities and achievement will continue to impact and influence in the future:

In order to achieve the desired goals and objectives from these programs, certain instructions and controls were identified to develop it in the best way.

1. The Public Relations Department at the Islamic Educational College coordinates with and contacts those in charge of the centers and the institutions concerned to take the necessary measures to implement these programs.

2. After opening the door to students who wish to participate in community service programs, the students fill out the participation form which includes the prior approval parents, and then lists of their names are organized by the school which sends it to the Public Relations Department to be sent to the Centre.

3. The students are supervised by volunteer service counselors at schools assisted by a number of students who are already enrolled in these programs more than once. Also, they have the leadership qualities, high communication skills and positive impact on the students' peers.

4. The length of the required external service is (16) volunteer hours by 4 hours every Saturday, noted that the minimum acceptable service is 6 hours, while the minimum internal service is 3 hours.

5. The number of each service group ranges between (25-30) students, and school management is keen not to mix male and female students during the service by allocating the first group only for females and the second group of male students.
6. An identifiable workshop proceeds the first day of volunteer service by center to introduce and train our students on tasks they would carry out and how to deal with children.

7. Feedback is taken about the service from the students through a questionnaire designed specifically for this purpose.

8. After the completion of volunteer service the public relations department will contact the centre to issue required certification for students after matching the names of the students and the number of service hours in both school's and centers' lists. According to the internal service, school's administration will issue certificates after the adoption of the required type and number of hours of volunteer service.

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