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Name:Mostafa Salameh
Category: Muslim Athlete of the Year (M)
Total Votes: 104

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List of the nominee's achievements:

Mostafa Salameh born in 1970, is a Jordanian mountaineer and the
First Jordanian ever to reach the summit of Mount Everest and
First Muslim to complete the 7 Summits and North Pole, and
First Muslim to call for the Athan live and record it on top of Mount Everest

Mostafa first became interested in mountaineering in 2004, at the time he was working as a Food & Beverage Manager at the Sheraton Hotel in Edinburgh. It all started with a dream late one night in 2004, when he saw himself on the top of Everest calling the Call of Prayer (the Azan) and praying. The trip was completed on May 25th, 2008, Jordan's Independence Day, triumphing his dream as he stood on top of the highest mountain in the world, becoming the first Jordanian to ever climb Mount Everest.

On November 16, 2012, Mostafa completed successfully the "7 Summits" challenge, where ambitious climbers succeeded in climbing the highest peak on every continent. Thus becoming the First Jordanian, and one of approximately 250 people in the world to have accomplished this daring challenge.
Mostafa made sure to raise the Athan and pray on each peak he reaches (First recorded live Athan on top of Mount Everest), as well as on the North Pole.

In 2006 Mostafa made a short documentary movie called “Jihadi” which takes the viewer through the adventure of the first attempt to climb mount Everest in 2005, shedding light on all the challenges and risks a mountaineer goes through. It was screened in different events and film festivals in countries other than Jordan, such as Tunisia and Egypt representing Jordan.

In 2008, Mostafa was knighted with the Independence Medal by King Abdullah II of Jordan, after becoming the first Jordanian to climb Mount Everest.

Main Climbs:
■ June 2004: Highest point in North America, "Mount McKinley/Denali" (20,320 ft) 6193.536 meter
■ January 2005 - Highest point in Antarctica "Vinson Massif" (16,050 ft) 5140 Meter
■ March 2005 - First attempt at "Mount Everest" (reached 23,000 ft); uncompleted due to stomach ulcer
■ September 2005 - Highest point in East Europe "Russian/Elbrus" (18,510 ft) 5642 Meter
■ July 2006 - Climbed the highest point In West Europe ( Mont Blanc - France)
■ March 2007 - 2nd attempt at Everest ... uncompleted due to chest infection
■ July 2007 - Climbed the highest point in Africa (Kilimanjaro - 19,331) 5895 Meter
■ February 2008 - Climbed the highest point in South America (Aconcagua 22,841 feet) 6960 Meter
■ May 25th 2008 @ 6.50 am- Climbed the highest point in the world (Mount Everest 29,500) - Jordan Independence day
■ November 16th, 2012 – Climbed the highest point in the Australia/Oceana continent, "Carstensz Pyramid" (4,884 meters / 16,023 feet)
■ January 8th, 2014 – Climbed the highest point in the British Isles, (Mount Ben Nevis) 1,344 meters (4,409 ft.) Above sea level.
■ April 19th, 2014 – Reached the North Pole in skiing trip
■ April 2013 - Everest Base Camp
Climbed to the Base Camp of Everest with a group of Jordanians for the support of the King Hussein Cancer Center (From the Lowest to the Highest for Cancer)
■ Feb 2014 – Kilimanjaro Summit
Climbed the highest point in Africa (Kilimanjaro) with a team of 26 Jordanians for the support of the King Hussein Cancer Center (From the Lowest to the Highest for Cancer)

The impact and influence the nominee had on the Muslim word:

Mostafa is a Jordanian Living Hero whose story is taught in schools, as part of the English language curriculum for grade 12. He is an experienced motivational speaker who delivers popular speeches about his passion for his sport of mountaineering. His speeches became popular among the young generation, as well as corporate employees as he has always been able to make them relate to his experience through holding direct comparisons between summit expeditions and daily life experiences; focusing on the themes like team building, leadership, motivation and facing personal fears in adverse situations. He also works on raising awareness for cancer, working with the King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) with patient activities and in fundraising. He recently launched the “From the Lowest Point to the Highest Point for Cancer” initiative, leading a group of 20 individuals safely up to and back down from Everest Base Camp in April of 2013 raising $600,000 to KHCC, and again in February 2014 where he led another group of Jordanians to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania raising $1,400,000.00 for the benefit of KHCC.

The impact and influence the nominee had on the world and humanity:

The LH4Cancer initiative expanded to include other Arab countries such as Palestine and other gulf countries

Many organizations and educational entities from Europe the Arab region, and Asia approach him for motivational speeches to address their students and employees, among others there are Ireland, Scotland, Jordan, UAE, and Malaysia.

Mostafa lead a team of 7 women from the Arab and Muslim countries to Everest Base Camp in May 2014 as part of his women empowerment project.

How the nominee’s activities and achievement will continue to impact and influence in the future:

Mostafa is determined to serve as an inspirational role model for youth that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

LH4Cancer will continue to support this humanitarian cause in all Arab countries.

Mostafa is preparing now for Lammet Shamel, an initiative to raise awareness about the Palestinian cause. Lammet Shamel is an adventure to Everest Base Camp, that will bring together a group of 18 Palestinians refugees from Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, from Gaza, the West Bank and selected Arab countries. These individuals will come from all walks of life and will tell the story of how they, their parents and grandparents had to leave their land and families to travel to a safer place where they could live in security. The talented Palestinian youth once on the Everest Base Camp will carry out a performance to multinational community of mountaineers, sending a clear message about the situation in Palestine and the true story behind the conflict.

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