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Name:Maruf Yusupov
Category: Muslim Entrepreneur of the Year
Total Votes: 29

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List of the nominee's achievements:

Maruf Yusupov is a serial entrepreneur and founded many digital companies.

He created a social network for Muslims with his co-founders in 2013.

He also advises for medium to large companies with digital strategy and grow their business.

The impact and influence the nominee had on the Muslim word:

Ummaland will create a platform where Muslims feel home. They can share, learn and inspire each other towards a greater good, inshaAllah.

The impact and influence the nominee had on the world and humanity:

Maruf helps other entrepreneur and start up companies with a good cause to establish and create value for society globally.

How the nominee’s activities and achievement will continue to impact and influence in the future:

With upcoming new features, Ummaland will help Muslim creatives and organisations to raise funds for their causes more efficiently and faster.

Besides, this Muslim social network will change how we learn our deen and practice it as a way of life, inshaAllah.

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