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Name:Rameez Mahmood (Cycle From Scotland to Syria)
Country:United Kingdom
Category: Muslim Travel Excellence of the Year
Total Votes: 71

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List of the nominee's achievements:

The 8 cyclists cycled from Scotland to Syria to raise funds for Human Appeal in order to build a safe village for orphans and widows in Syria.

On 17th May 2014, a group of British cyclists set out on a challenge that has never been done before. Cycling from Scotland to Syria, the cyclists spent 45 gruelling days on their bikes. Travelling from country to country, exposed to harsh climates, they put their bodies on the line for one cause: Syria.

The trek was in response to the three horrendous years of conflict in Syria that has resulted in over 120,000 deaths and millions more displaced. Unable to stand what they see, the team of committed cyclists, who stem from around the UK, hoped to raise more than £250,000 to build a village for orphans and widows.

The impact and influence the nominee had on the Muslim word:

The group have been a positive influence on the Muslim world, showing that to really support those Muslims who find themselves at the centre of a War, self-sacrifice of entirely peaceful needs is required. Showing Muslims that they should not making the situation in those War torn countries even worse by joining fighting there. It has provided a shining example to Muslims around the world that much help for Syria can be provided from home, through fundraising campaigns, rather than resorting to violent means to somehow resolve the conflict. The overall impact on the Muslim world has been small but we should be looking more to people like this, to encourage us to use peaceful methods to support those Muslims in War torn countries such as Syria.

The impact and influence the nominee had on the world and humanity:

Their impact on the greater world and humanity has been relatively small and unnoticed, unfortunately.

How the nominee’s activities and achievement will continue to impact and influence in the future:

They will help provide an inspiration for fundraisers in years to come, showing that with great self-sacrifice, much money can be raised for a good cause, to help reduce the suffering of Muslims not just in Syria, but across the world.

List of any references that support the nomination, i.e books, magazaines, websites, ..etc!/Scotland2Syria/info