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Name: Al Asr Islamic Foundation, Aurangabad
Category: Muslim Association of the Year
Total Votes: 2562

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List of the nominee's achievements:

Established in October 2012, Al Asr Islamic Foundation, Aurangabad has organized several activities to present Islam in the right light in the region. It works in the fields of Da’wah, Education and Social Welfare and the activities conducted under each thread are as under: 1. Da’wah i. Preaching Islam to Muslims and Non-Muslims (in Particular) ii. Free Qur’an and Islamic books distribution in various vernacular Languages and English iii. Paigham-e-Aman Conference, (Feb 2013) and (Dec 2014, Proposed) in Aurangabad, MS iv. Public Lectures at Pathri, Ambad, Buldhana and interiors of Aurangabad v. Conducting weekly Qur’an Dars vi. One-to-one Islamic Counseling at the registered office 2. Education i. Islamic Weekend Edutainment (Classes) where more than 120 students have already benefitted Alhamdulillah ii. Islamic Summer Edutainment (where more than (in 2 events) 200 students have already benefitted Alhamdulillah iii. Teacher training lectures, seminars, workshops at various schools and colleges iv. Publications of Islamic school books (in process, with 2 levels are already ready and distributed to number of students) v. Hifz Classes at the Registered Office in the evening vi. Upcoming Islamic School and Hifz Centre 3. Social Welfare i. Jammu and Kashmir Relief Fund at a grand scale from our office ii. Mass Distribution of Sadqa-e-Fitr to the needy (Eid 2014) iii. Meat Distribution at Bakr Eid iv. Financial Aide provided to MuzaffarNagar Riots (Aug-Sep 2013) v. Free Medicine to the needy at Government Medical College and Hospital vi. Blood Card Distribution to the needy at Government Medical College and Hospital vii. Blood Donation Camps

The impact and influence the nominee had on the Muslim word:

Alhamdulillah, Al Asr Islamic Foundation has been able to influence the thought process of the youth. The one-to-one counseling plays a wide role in changing the perspectives towards social and moral issues. Also, the teachers have benefitted a lot with the training and counseling provided to them by the organization. Multiple individuals have started practicing the religion and helping one another in case of crises and social issues (eg. Jammu and Kashmir Relief Fund at Al Asr Islamic Foundation, Aurangabad)

The impact and influence the nominee had on the world and humanity:

It is noticed that as we present our community in a proper light, the other communities respect us and even support our causes. Some examples of these are as under: i. Commissioner of Anti-Terrorist Squad was the Chief Guest of Paigham-e-Aman Conference ii. Free distribution of medicines and foodgrains via international flight carriers iii. Invitation from Non-Muslim Colleges and institutions for Islamic lectures iv. Multiple reverts at the office, the latest being Deepak Dhamija, Marketing Personnel

How the nominee’s activities and achievement will continue to impact and influence in the future:

Insha Allaah, we continue to strive and contribute in the best possible manners to help the humanity. We intend to establish regular Islamic Schools next year and Colleges later, in the region to spread true and authentic teachings of Islam. A regular counseling centre with professionals would help ease out the social issues of the people and eradicate the negative image of Islam and Muslims. Social welfare activities projects our image as well wishers of the humanity, thus a common man is the beneficiary of these programs.

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