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Name:Bayazid, Mohamad
Country:United States
Category: Muslim Director of the Year
Total Votes: 1681

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List of the nominee's achievements:

Public Awareness Short films/TV Spots:
- "Today" – the liberation of Palestine – New Sound productions – Jordan
- TV commercial "Have you done your part?!" – Sahm Al Nour Organization – Switzerland
- TV commercial "Imagine that you don’t have a Quran!" – Sahm Al Nour Org – Switzerland
- A campaign (3 Short films) to unite the Syrian people – Jasad Wahid Org – KSA
- A campaign (3 Short films) about Orphans – RAF – Qatar

- TV spot (Change it) to buy new caravans for the Syrian refugees in Jordan/Lebanon/Turkey – Jasad Wahid Org - KSA
- A campaign (3 TVC's) "Sakan Kareem" project - UAE
- A campaign (12 TVC's) to present the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), EMAAR
- A campaign (8 TVC's) to support FSA – SSG – Washington, USA
- 2 TVC's to support the people of Yemen (Malnutrition/Starvation) – OIC - KSA
- A campaign (3 TVC's) to support the people of Syria – SyriaCare – Switzerland
- 2 Campaigns (6 TVC's) to support the people of Palestine – Monasara Org - Jordan
- Bidaya (Encourages the youth to start their own small business projects) – Bidaya Org – Syria
- Boston Oncology (Cancer fight) – Animation TVC – Syria
- Public Awareness Campaign – Disabled Children (Deaf) – Aamal – Syria
- Blindness Public Awareness TVC (with Samir Al Masri) – Aamal – Syria
- Down Syndrome Public Awareness – Masar – Syria
- “Al Riba” – Al Jazeera – Qatar
- “Hijab, trust & confidence” – Iltizam – UAE
- “Pray, your connection” – Risalah Group – Syria
- “Message from Allah” TVC – HQMI – KSA
- “Nosra” 24 Spots (Standing up for Prophet Muhammad PBUH)- ZAD Communications – KSA
- Smoking Public Awareness Ads – US
- “Omayer” Animation Film (for kids; it establishes the value of giving)– Dar Ghar Hiraa
- 5 public awareness short films (establishes working morals) – Iltizam Organization – UAE

- A film about the activities of Jasad Wahid Organization - KSA
- A film about the activities of the International Foundation for Construction and Development – Muslim World League - KSA
- "Second Life" – Al Jazeera Documentary - Qatar
- "Yemen Suffers" (a documentary about malnutrition & starvation in Yemen) – OIC - KSA
- “Ahla Donya” (Charity) – Doreed Lahham - LightArt Productions
- 2 films about Masar foundation (Against child labor & beggary) - Syria
- Bidaya Enterprise (to encourage youth business projects) – Syria
- “Reality of Imagination” – Al Jazeera Documentary – Qatar
- “Zmzm Charity” – Jeddah – KSA
- Orphans – Ansar Charity – Syria
- Insan Project (Charity)– Jordan

Music Videos:
- "Fena Kher" – Omar Al Omair – Fena Kher Charity - KSA
- "La tijra7 ezzahr" – Mhd Ben Hmeed – Naqaa Org - KSA
- "Natakat Horofy" – Moatasem Al Asaly - Syria
- 3 Mini Clips – Yahya Hawwa
- “Eshti2nalak” - Yahya Hawwa
- “Hujrat Al Hadi” – Dar Al Katib – Libya
- “Ayoha Al Insan” – Hashim Baroom
- “Rasool Allah” – Abo Aljood
- “Ya Ommi” – Abo Aljood

TV Programs:
- "Sawaeid Al Ikhaa" Dr.Mohamad Al Arifi – Dr.Aid Al Qarni – Dr. Nabeel Al Awadi – Dr.Saad Al Breek – Dr. Ibraheem Al Dwaish – Dr. Abd Al Wahab Al Treeri – LightArt Media Productions
- “My message to Ummah” – Prof. Zaghloul Al Najjar – LightArt Productions
- “With Bouti in contemporary issues” – Dr Saeed Ramadan Al Bouti - Taba Foundation – Abu Dhabi (2009)
- “Scientific Tafseer” - Prof. Zaghloul Al Najjar – LightArt Productions
- “Mujaddidun” – Dr.Amr Khaled – RSFI – UK
- “Afala Yaakilon” - Prof. Zaghloul Al Najjar- LightArt Productions
- “Stories of Quran – Part II” - Dr.Amr Khaled – ebonite – UK
- “Stories of Quran – Part I” - Dr.Amr Khaled – ebonite – UK
- “Moreed” – Habeeb Ali Al-Jafri - ebonite – UK
- “Mind & Heart” – Dr.Ratib Nabulsi

- 2012 "Qabila" Short Film Festival – Egypt
- 2012 "Shasha Lak" Contest – Al Majd Channel
- 2011 "Soutak Wasil" Contest – 4Shabab Channel
- 2010 Beirut Short Film Festival (I'm the World)


- 2011 “Best Creative Short Film”, LAFF, US
- 2005 “Best Public Awareness Short Film – US Government

Film-making courses for the youth:
- 2008 - Intensive Film-making Course – Jeddah – KSA
- 2009 - Intensive Film-making Course – London – UK
- 2010 (June) Intensive Film-making Course – Amman – Jordan
- 2010 (Nov) Intensive Film-making Course – Amman – Jordan
- 2010 - Intensive Film-making Course – Beirut – Lebanon
- 2010 - Intensive Film-making Course – Tripoli – Lebanon
- 2011 - Intensive Film-making Course – Sharjah – UAE
- 2011 - Intensive Film-making Course – Beirut – Lebanon
- 2011 - Intensive Film-making Course – Amman – Jordan
- 2011 - Intensive Film-making Course – Dubai – UAE
- 2011 - Intensive Film-making Course – Chicago – USA
- 2012 - Intensive Film-making Course – Amman – Jordan
- 2012 - Intensive Film-making Course – Cairo – Egypt
- 2012 - Intensive Film-making Course – Gaza – Palestine
- 2012 - Intensive Film-making Course – Aden – Yemen
- 2013 - Intensive Film-making Course – Sanaa – Yemen

In addition to many tailored courses in various cities.

The impact and influence the nominee had on the Muslim word:

Bayazid has directed dozens of TV programs featuring many Islamic figures such as Zaghloul Al-Naggar, Amr Khaled, Ratib Al-Nabulsi, Muhammad Al Arifi, Aaed Al Qarni , Nabeel Al Awadi, Habib Ali Al Jafri and many more. Mohamad has directed Mujaddidun (biggest Arabian reality show program in the Islamic world), the show was a TV contest presented by Amr Khaled (one of Time's magazine 100) which encourage Muslim youth to be productive, effective & to be able to change the world into the better. Sawa3id Al Ikha2 was a recent TV program produced & directed by Bayazid which featured many Islamic figures for the first time together (Arifi, Qarni, Awadi ..etc), we see them in the program living/eating/praying/preaching/having fun in one place, it held a great moral that we must be one hand to be strong & to help in building this world. From Hijab, Quran, Praying and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Bayazid has directed many of TV spots that visualize the beauty of Islam in many aspects, these spots reached both the west & east, and recently he directed 12 TV spots about the prophet (PBUH) they were translated into 6 different languages. Till this moment Mohamad has given 26 film-making courses/workshops around the world, he draws Muslims youth from everywhere; & he teaches them how to do the same thing he does every day, 600+ students benefited from these courses, many of them are now professional film-makers, most of them work in the meaningful media, Bayazid consider this as the most important part of his messages since he is transferring his knowledge to many Muslim youth, & this would create a great impact/change in long term. He was chosen as a judge in a short-films TV contest ("Shasha Lak" or "The Screen Is Yours")which encouraged Muslim youth to produce short-films with noble messages (Humanitarian & Islamic)

The impact and influence the nominee had on the world and humanity:

"The Mask" short film is an award winner (best creative short film in the world in LAFF) which talks about down-syndrome, it asks the people to realize that the problem relies in us not in them.
Besides "The Mask" Bayazid has directed many public awareness spots for children with hearing/vision disabilities, anti-smoking spots, one of them won an award from the US government as the best anti-smoking ad made by a student.
He was chosen as a judge in Qabilah international film festival in Egypt which encouraged youth to be positive & creative.
He was chosen as a judge in Beirut short-films festival (I'm the world) which encouraged the youth to pay attention to the environment.
He gave dozens of lectures in many universities/institutions

How the nominee’s activities and achievement will continue to impact and influence in the future:

Bayazid will be a part of MAS Chicago Dec 2013, the biggest Muslims convention in the US, will be part of Dimensions forum in the US Dec 2013, his participation will be focused on the importance of Media to spread the good word of Islam everywhere, and to encourage the youth in the US to be active in this matter.
Bayazid has signed an agreement with Awakening Worldwide organization, to direct/produce a new music video for Maher Zain (one of the most popular Muslim artist in the world, a winner of 8 platinum music awards).
He will continue to give film-making courses for Muslims Youth around the world, he has many scheduled courses in 2014 (In the US, Jordan, Lebanon and Algeria).
He will continue to play his voluntary role as a consultant for many Islamic/humanitarian organizations.

List of any references that support the nomination, i.e books, magazaines, websites, ..etc

- Bayazid in Wikipedia:
- Prime Minister Ismael Hanaya honors Bayazid for his contribution/courses in Gaza
- Lecture in Jinan university - Lebanon:
- Honoring after Aden film-making course – Yemen:
- Filming an anti-smoking music video:
- Bayazid as a jury in Qabila film festival - Cairo
- Bayazid as a jury in "Sotak Wasil" contest - Jordan
- Bayazid as a director of a film that promotes Insan project (charity; helping families to have their own small business projects)
- Lecture in University of Science & Technology – Sanaa – Yemen:
- Film-making Course in Sanaa – Yemen:
- First episode of "Shasha Lak" contest:
- Rebuild Palestine short films (made by Bayazid) mentioned in news:
- "It's OK" a film made by Yemeni students under the supervision of Bayazid in a film-making course, it's anti violence against women.
- "I Wish" a film made by Yemeni students under the supervision of Bayazid in a film-making course, it's against "Qat" (a kind of weeds popular in Yemen):
- Interview with Bsmlh website:
- Interview with Jasmine-Syria: