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Name:Yasmine Mamdouh Hassan Ali AlKilany
Category: Muslim Civil Servant of the Year
Total Votes: 280

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List of the nominee's achievements:

At the young age of 16 Yasmine Mamdouh Hassan Ali Al Kilany took much interest in charity work joining the many projects initiated by Amr Khaled’s Foundation “Sona Alhayat Life Makers’ in Alexandria.

Joining the organization she was an energetic participant in projects and proved to be an active leader taking parts in the Life Makers initiatives including:

1- Insan Alex.
2- Knowledge is Power Initiative where she taught illiterate elderly people.
3- She head the annual ceremony for Life Maker Week.
4- She worked as a fundraiser for Life Maker and encouraged businessmen to fund the charity’s projects.
5-Homat AlMostakbal where awareness for drug prevention and abuse was raised

Yasmine also raised funds for MOIC Alexandria "Alexandria Model Organization For Islamic Co-operation"

- In the beginning of the Syrian Crisis, Yasmine travelled to AlZa'atry Camp after raising money distributing blankets and food for the Syrian Refugees.

With over 10,000 followers and friends on the social networking site Facebook Yasmine has won their respect and admiration as they aspire to follow her strong principle in life.

In 2003, she taught young female students Mathematics in the school (Kuwait)

Yasmine also took part in the Amr Khaled Forum Campaign, collecting clothes for the needy.

In 2004, while in Kuwait she attended a charity organization at a summer club with other ladies and taught Arabic to Muslim converts from the Philippines, India, Pakistan, and Vietnam.

Yasmine cofounded the Life Makers Family in Alexandria, Egypt and her school.

That same year she head the Ramadan Charity Bag for the Life makers organization where she collected and distributed over 2000 bags of food for the needy.

Yasmine was responsible for overseeing over 100 small business projects set up for poor families making sure donators money was spent wisely and not wasted.

In 2007, she collected 260,000 LE for individual social relief for the Upper Egypt villages and 300,000 LE was also raised for individual humanitarian cases.

In 2008, Yasmine helped food for the convoy sent to Gaza during the Gaza Siege.

In 2009, also raised funds for the E’faf marriage Event from different Arab countries.

Yasmine also was the PR manager for the “Motamem Alakhlak” campaign which focused on spreading awareness on Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) and his morals.

In 2011 in association with the Egyptian Medical Syndicate Yasmine helped raise funds for the Somalia Famine, where donations reached 650,000 LE.

Food and medical convoys were also sent to Libya where she helped raise money also in association with the Egyptian Medical Syndicate.

Positions held and funds raised:

2012 – 2013 Fund raising manager for MOIC “Model Organization of Islamic Cooperation”.

2012 Founder and PR manager “Share your Achievements” campaign initiated to help start up businesses.

2012 PR manager in Al-elm Qua aimed at eliminating illiteracy in elderly people

2012 Spreading Moderate Islam in Sinai through “Alda’eya AlMo’aser” project

2013 Founder AlZa’atry Convoy raised $30,000

2013 Raised $90,000 for “Khawth w Nosra 1” convoy sent to Syrian villages and cities

2014 Raised $150,000 for “Khawth w Nosra 2” convoy sent to Syrian villages and cities

Note: Convoys from 2007 till 2014 were individual efforts.

Current activities:

Preparations for the “Khawth w Nosra 3” Convoy are also under way with efforts by the Chad republic government taking place to aid the Central African refugees.

Her role model for charity work is the late Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait who passed away recently.

The impact and influence the nominee had on the Muslim word:

Yasmine has succeeded in raising a large amount of money to help the Syrian people during the current crisis and has become a role model for many other females in particular younger girls. She has guided people and escorted them numerous times with the Life Makers projects urging them to achieve fine results most particularly in the "Knowledge is Power Initiative" encouraging them to become an educated people. Her efforts were noted during the 25th January's revolution, where she motivated people to continue and rise against the government’s injustices. Yasmine hopes to become a TV Presenter in an effort to deliver and raise awareness regarding women’s rights in Islam and the community and has applied for work in Islamic channels including "Iqraa". She is currently hoping to enroll for a Master’s degree in Social Sciences in order to equip her and help her voice and causes be heard through all means including books, articles, theories...etc

The impact and influence the nominee had on the world and humanity:

The Knowledge is Power Initiative was intended for illiterate elderly people in Egypt including Muslims and non Muslims alike. Furthermore, funds raised for the Syrian refugees were for every person who needed warmth and food.

How the nominee’s activities and achievement will continue to impact and influence in the future:

1- Yasmine continues to raise funds for any afflicted person in any Muslim nation around the world.
2- She creates strategic and tactical plans for any charity group to help them achieve their aims.

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Khawth wa Nosra:

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