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Name:Lina Abu Nuwar
Category: Muslim Youth of the Year
Total Votes: 153

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List of the nominee's achievements:

1- Lina has managed more than 50 volunteers teachers who had created more than 300 educational videos and 300 teachers through 5 schools who had created more than 800 educational videos depending on the Jordanian curriculum and uploaded them on Dardasa website .
Dardasa is a safe social learning platform that inspires student engagement, empowers teachers and assures parents on the progress of their children who all interact in one place in a seamless and connected way.
2-Provide either teachers or volunteers with the needed full training and authoring tools to create and upload educational lessons.
3-Launching competitions with Telecom sides such as Zain in Jordan and Kuwait, Mobily in KSA to encourage teachers to create educational videos and activities for students all over the Arab world countries.
4- Awareness through social media channels about Flipped Learning concept, that is the teacher will recognize flipped learning concept which aims to invert classical teaching methods, delivering online objectives outside the class, moving activities and homework inside it.
5-Project Manager at Life Makers, “Arabic Tongue “ , a project aims to translate every needed content on the internet to reach out the scientific , news , inventions .. etc and give it to our youth.
6-Taught 60 persons “English language conversations and writing “, it was a course for two months -for free- in Mujaddidun foundation.
7-Voluntary translation for book “The Quran and Excellence life “.
8-Voluntary workshops for school students in order to show them the latest inventions in Energy with Taqetna company.
9-Fundraising for Ramadan campaign to give orphans and poor families’ food and cloths and do celebrities for them.
10-Taught Arabic for nonspeakers from all over the world at Ali Baba International Center.
11-Simultanous translator at Educational workshops “ voluntary work “ : 1-improving classroom performance 2-Raising Attainment for low achievers at Ishraq for development and qualification.
12-Team leader at " Ensan Project " , a project aims to establish small projects for poor families.

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Linkedin: Lina Abu Nuwar