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Name: Granada (Restaurant & Cafe)
Category: Muslim Restaurant of the Year
Total Votes: 6

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List of the nominee's achievements:

1- the first project in Egypt funded by youth & 88 shareholder.
2- the fist cultural cafe & restaurant in Egypt.
3- the first "Green" Cafe without smoking areas.

The impact and influence the nominee had on the Muslim word:

We aim to give a role model for Muslim world to make green businesses consists with our values.

The impact and influence the nominee had on the world and humanity:

As our vision to expand our branches in all continents by 2025 , we aim to deliver the message of peace & co-existence in all the world.

How the nominee’s activities and achievement will continue to impact and influence in the future:

We always held cultural events that enhances youth & develop their culture & skills to assist them to play major positive role in their society.

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