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Name:Leaders of Life for Sustainable Development
Category: Muslim Association of the Year
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List of the nominee's achievements:

Leaders of Life for Sustainable Development Non-profit organization is established in (2012) by a group of young who believein the importance of providing participatory knowledge and ways of development among young people, and employ their beyond potential to innovate and develop projects that benefit the community, in addition to maximizing the use of all available opportunities, and the industry a better future, dominated by concepts (Excellence,Renaissance, and upgrading).
The most important objectives of the organization: the adoption of initiatives and youth projects andkeeping ownership of their respective owners.
it's pursue to create and implement sustainable projects and initiatives away from short-term programs, and without neglecting the activities and periodic visits. Here below some of what we have done so far in short:
* Trip To the Future: It is an integrated learning initiative aiming to providing guidance, empowerment,and entertainment for the student at schools from age (12-17 years) & university from age (18-25 years), in order to provide students with a mature goal for their future lives, and help them discover their talents and develop their skills, by training program for 12 hours.(by games)
* Work together initiative: This initiative aims to revive the solidarity and communication among communities. It is also sustainable and has been applied in a number of stages, and it is necessary to mention that any activity aimed at social solidarity is launched under the umbrella of “Work together “,
* Save green (environmental) : It is a sustainable initiative aimed at preserving the environment by launching awareness campaigns and recycling projects, the adoption of ideas in this aspect.
* Step To The Future Forum (STTF): this forum was designed to promote the concepts of Leadership, Empowerment & Entrepreneurs, & identifying the most opportunities for youth.(participants from age 17 – 33 years).
* Youth Talk (hawadeet) : This Initiative gathers creators and those who have talents with civil society in order to advise them as well as provide them with motivation and enthusiasm and telling the stories of success, doing at schools & universities in Jordan, (speakers must be from the same school or university, which event held on it( .

The impact and influence the nominee had on the Muslim word:

Leaders of Life have Vision: Find leaders and pioneers able to spread the concepts of development and the renaissance, and the achievement of sustainable development in their communities. by Enable members of the community and help them understand and develop their abilities, to actively participate in bringing about positive change and sustainable in their communities, and create innovative solutions to the problems and challenges they face, to build a generation capable of participating in the process of reform, development and construction. when prepare the leaders we can achieve the renaissance of the nation

The impact and influence the nominee had on the world and humanity:

The impact is mainly on all youth.
but during this year Leaders of Life Signed projects to be implemented with other countries.
this impact focus to promote the concepts of Leadership, Empowerment & Entrepreneurs
and then participated in the process of reform, development and construction .

How the nominee’s activities and achievement will continue to impact and influence in the future:

Each programs or initiatives must be sustainable, They perform continuous assessment for each programs and events, then doing meting to develop this programs every 4 months, each volunteer take training to develop his or here knowledge and skills and prepare them to be (leaders).
Then select ( five 5 ) of the best volunteers which improved during the training, and perform a training of trainers for them, And every one of them will be asked to Re-training workshops from 3-5 times (snowball strategy). And asked to doing at least 5 activities during this period.
The organization is working to provide a place for training simulates practice for institutions and thus have a chance to train volunteers to lead a real and this develop their skills.

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