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Name: Life Makers Foundation
Category: Muslim Association of the Year
Total Votes: 27

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List of the nominee's achievements:

Lifemakers Foundation is a charity organization; it has an
important and leading role in the development of Egypt. It
is the first development organization that links faith and
development since its foundation in 2004.

Lifemakers Foundation adopted many important
development issues in the fields of education, economy,
health, employment and drugs through its main projects:

Eradicating Illiteracy project:
In partnership with Vodafone we educated over 120,000 illiterate adults over a 12month period across 9 governorates of Egypt. We used over 15000 trained volunteers and created our own curriculum.

Insan Project:
•1000 projects have been implemented for 1,000 families
•Over 8000 indirect beneficiaries from the local community
•Over 2000 children benefited from the project
•Instilled in local community the desire and aspiration to work to support their families
•Instilled in local community the importance of education of their children
•10.000 volunteers got 20 hours of training.

Future Guardians project:
•7200 addicted person haven been encouraged and convinced to begin their medical program through (Hemaya) campaign.
•Over 150,000 events have been organized across Egypt.
•3 million people have become aware of the dangers of smoking and drug addiction.
•200,00 thousand students have become aware of the dangers of smoking and drug addiction.
•15000 volunteers have had 20 hour training on early comprehensive protection.
•Train 4,000 students in 105 camps, and joining in LMF.

Our Health project:
•Comprehensive health module (Curriculum).
•Trained 7000 on soft skills and ways to teach content of the curriculum.
•Awareness campaigns were launched among : 128,000 persons about Avian flu 147,000 persons about Obesity 180,000 persons about Cancer 320,000 persons about Hepatitis 148,000 persons about Tuberculosis

The Village Project:
•Built 125 Ceilings
•Re-built 11 Houses
•Water supply for 35 houses
•Built 15 washrooms
•35 Eyes white water operations
•Loan repayment for 38 families
•5 Medical Convoys
•Enlarge one village entrance
•Separation of irrigation and drainage water for one village
•Improve 3 Mosques
•5 Awareness campaigns
•3 Illiteracy classes
•Change drinking water pipes for one village

The impact and influence the nominee had on the Muslim word:

Lifemakers Foundation has 45 affiliate branches in 24 governorates and has delivered projects in all 27 governorates of Egypt. The Foundation was established after nine years of functioning as 45 separate organizations, finally becoming one national body with these separate organizations becoming affiliate branches.

The impact and influence the nominee had on the world and humanity:

Our Vision:
A Comprehensive community renaissance that seeks the goodness for humanity.

Our Mission:
A comprehensive and significant reform by preparing open-minded and effective generations of young people who believe in principle values (through a faith-based development narrative)

How the nominee’s activities and achievement will continue to impact and influence in the future:

Our ability to continuously provide incentive and motivate volunteers to work and our expert management of projects has enabled us to sustain long-term projects (for example Guardians of the Future and our Health project have been running for over 8 years).

Sustainability is also ensured through spreading a culture of volunteerism and planting an internal source for motivation in each volunteer and a desire to develop Egypt.

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