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Category: Muslim Association of the Year
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List of the nominee's achievements:

In 20 years of existence:

* Our figures:

o 12 work areas

o More than 100 projects

o More than 200 volunteers

o Around 12000 beneficiaries

o 65 different nationalities

* Eight conferences dedicated to the culture and Islamic legacy of Al-Andalus and dialogue for the Civilizations Alliance.

* Publications:

o Culturas del Azahar. 2003 (Azahar’s Cultures)

o Islam, Civilización del Libro. 2004 (Islam, The Civilization of the Book)

o La Alianza de Civilizaciones. Otro mundo es posible. 2006 (The Alliance of Civilizations. Another World is possible)

o El Islam cercano. Los moriscos Valencianos. 2009 (The near Islam. The Valencian Moriscos)

o Islam cercano. 1300 años del nacimiento de Al-Andalus. 2011 (The near Islam. 1300 years of the Al-Andalus’ Rise)

The Islamic Cultural Center of Valencia has received, throughout its career, several awards in recognition of its work in the various fields operated by the CCIV:

* Cultural Volunteer Award, Generalitat Valenciana, 2001.

* Diploma of “Ambassador of Peace” awarded by the International Interreligious Federation, 2006.

* Award “Important” granted to the former CCIV´s President, Amparo Sánchez, newspaper “Levante”, 2008.

* Citizenship Participation Award, City of Valencia, 2009.

* New Technologies for Integration Award, Caixa Rural, 2010.

* Diploma of Honor for the former President of the CCIV, Amparo Sánchez, by ASESCO and POR TI MUJER, 2010.

* QualiCert Quality Certification, SGS, 2011.

* Qualicert Quality Certification. SGS. 2013.

* Tribute by the History Museum of Valencia. 2013.

* Save The Children recognizes the education work of the CCIV. 2013.

* The National Youth Award for the President of the CCIV. Spain. 2013

The impact and influence the nominee had on the Muslim word:

The CCIV works on making closer the relation between Muslims and Spaniards in favor of the enrichment implied by a multicultural society based on mutual respect, understanding and consciousness. Its wide range of activities includes, among the others: exhibitions, workshops, conferences, information programs, advice, guidance and support to the immigrants, etc. But the CCIV is focusing not only on the Muslim society in Spain, but also on the social, racial or gender issues in their international scale. The CCIV with its activities proves that the model of rights and mutual responsibilities enshrined in Islam has an incredibly strong potential for any individual or social reform, nationally or globally.

The impact and influence the nominee had on the world and humanity:

Explain the impact and influence the nominee had on the world and humanity: It is working to defense and promote both the fundamental Human Rights and Liberties related to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Peace, respecting diversity and recognition of the human being in any individual and social dimension as well as in protection of cultural, social and religious rights. The CCIV pursues assumption of the principles of responsibility as well as it claims for development cooperation aimed at eradication of the social injustice and poverty.

How the nominee’s activities and achievement will continue to impact and influence in the future:

The CCIV will keep working on promoting the basic human rights of equality, dignity and diversity of human beings in order to educate the present and future generations about the distribution of rights and mutual responsibilities. It will remain committed to the education, awareness and training - the essential tools for any change, paying its special attention to young people and women, the main protagonists of their projects, devoting a large space in their work for social action and volunteerism - just as it is required by the present times. Interreligious dialogue and intercultural

communication – the two clear signs of the CCIV´s identity – will remain the highest priority of the organization, in shaa Allah…

List of any references that support the nomination, i.e books, magazaines, websites, ..etc

“I give my endorsement to those responsible for the Islamic Cultural Centre of Valencia and declare that they are people of confidence and developing a good work on behalf of the Muslim Community.” (Dr Yusuf Al Qaradawi, President of the International Union of Muslim Elders, Qatar)

´”I have experienced the work of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Valencia and have seen from up close the efforts of its members in the dissemination of Islamic Culture in a moderate and open manner, the promotion of the integration of Muslims and the participation in their surroundings.” (Hussein Halawa, General Secretary of European Council of Fatwa's and Research, Ireland) “We recognize the Islamic Cultural Centre of Valencia as an active entity and pioneer in Spain and Europe and we support their projects aimed at the teaching of Islamic values and are committed to intercultural and interfaith dialogue.” (Chakib Ben Mekhlouf, President of the European Federation of Islamic Organization FIOE, Sweden)

“I consider CCIV to constitute an invaluable reference in the way of understanding among individuals and peoples, cultures and religions and an element for the recovery of values of heritage that form our past and build a more value, more educated and freer society enriched by human values.” (Daniel Benito, Professor of Art History, University of Valencia)

“I bear witness that the Islamic Cultural Centre of Valencia is a factor in encouraging and developing coexistence and understanding between the Islamic and Christian Communities as well as spreading of Islam in all its aspects, while also serving to help and advice Muslim and Muslim immigrants of Spanish Origin.” (Juan Martos Quesada, Director of the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies, University Complutense of Madrid)