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Name:Suhaib Alkhawaldah
Category: Muslim Businessman of the Year
Total Votes: 121

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List of the nominee's achievements:

An accomplished manager and individual contributor with solid experience in Education and business sectors that developed in his very busy recent years while I his working in several projects that he founded and other international project.

1- Founder of
- ILMD for Business Services and Taxation Consultancy
-Youth Educational Development Initiative
-I Know Business Academy.
- IKB Award for Entrepreneurship

2- Professional Leadership, Community Involvement and Management Experience
-Legal & Managerial Consultant: Middle East Network on innovative teaching and learning (MENIT)
-Sponsorship Manager for Arab Innovation Network (AIN)
-American Health franchise in Jordan
-Co-Founder at: Cacker food factory In Tabouk (KSA)
-Business dev. consultant at: Quality Educational Holding company- KSA

The impact and influence the nominee had on the Muslim word:

Being into business in my point of view sometimes force you to do things that might be out of Islam rules or out of ethical rules BUT not Suhaib, he always saying in his speeches that being a Muslim means now you have a huge message to carry to the world, be being in business my message to carry honesty, achievements and to transfer deep messages to the youth related to Islam. He taught us a model of his own called the circles of responsibility and the circle of resources. The circle of responsibility made it to tell people that do not accept for lesser responsibilities when Allah SWT created us for building the universe (عمارة الارض ), and on the resources he always said if you hide that you are a Muslim or Arab then you lost your main assist in this world ! Suhaib changed my life as he did for more and more as he was chosen as the 100 People you should meet in Amman also he was number 14 on a rank made for the top influential people in Jordan, changing people is not easy but he do it. He focused on Youth in the most project he made because he sees them as our power of the future, i can quote one of his words when he said : " we don't made generation!, we develop generation who will take the lead in rising our Ummah" In Arabic : نحن لا نصنع جيل و انمّا نهيء جيل ليصنع أمة

The impact and influence the nominee had on the world and humanity:

I don't think there is a clear measuring device for influence especially when its come to changing lives.
Form my point of view insha'Allah am sure that Suhaib will keep changing the world and leaving a big print day by day through his newly creative ideas and projects that i cannot explain it all as its under construction

I guess he will transfer his motivation through generation by a good words and soul that he have.

How the nominee’s activities and achievement will continue to impact and influence in the future:

Suhaib always believe in sustainable innovation and project through having a 5 years business plan for all his projects so

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