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Name: Ibrahim Halalsha
Category: Muslim Man of the Year
Total Votes: 8

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List of the nominee's achievements:

He is the manager of one of the most leading program in Turkey for teaching Arabic as a 2nd language. He has helped recruit over 25 Arab teacher and lecturers across Turkey, and he aspires to recruit over 500 Arabic teachers in Turkey in the next three years.

The program he is lead at Istanbul 29 Mayis University in Istanbul has been the center of attention in the media and the academic circles all over turkey.

As Turkey is witnessing a burst in the number of faculties of Islamic Studies, the demand on studying Arabic intensified, and Halasha has been a very active head-hunter for the best Arabic teachers in the Arab world.

A huge project, named "Arabic Teacher, Let's Go to Turkey" has attracted the attention of Arabic teachers in the Arab World, and a number of 500 resumes have been submitted to Dr. Halalsha.

Halalsha conducts, on a daily basis, skype interviews with 10 to 15 applicants, and he is keen on making these interviews documented for future research and analysis.

He has also launched a huge project for teaching Arabic for Arabs of Turkey, those people who have a background in Arabic, but can't read or write. It is a leading literacy project that has been supported by various governmental and academic institutions in Turkey. The project attracts over 200 people now, and the number of the targeted group in so much higher, but the program is still in its first steps.

Halalsha is also a leading media figure in the Arab world. He is the anchor of three T.V programs on TRT Arabic, a major media outlet from Turkey to the Arab World. Being an Arab, a devout muslim, he believes in the concept of the Ummah, and that the Arab-Turkish relations should be fostered through highlighting the the things shared among these peoples. Halalsha has succeeded in changing a lot of the stereotypes about Arabs in Turkey, and about Turks in the Arab world. He is definitely an influential figure in fostering understanding and cooperation between both sides.

The impact and influence the nominee had on the Muslim word:

Recruiting a lot of Muslims in academic positions in Turkey. Advocating teaching and learning Arabic to become a lingua franca between the Arabs and the Turks, and later in the Muslim World in general. As media man, he helped foster understanding and cooperation among the Arabs and Turks. He is very influential in increasing literacy among the Turk Arabs, who know spoken Arabic, but unable to read and write.

The impact and influence the nominee had on the world and humanity:

Halalsha is a successful academician and leader. He is an example of the successful and influential leader in the Muslim World, and I believe that celebrating his achievements is very important at this stage of development in the Muslim and Arab world.

Halalsha helped in proving that Arabic is a language of culture and a great civilization, and he revitalized its role in promoting understanding between the Arabs and the Turkish people, thus stressing the fact that this Ummah can rise again, using a lingua franca that has long been neglected.

How the nominee’s activities and achievement will continue to impact and influence in the future:

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