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Name: Tausif Ur-Rehman Malik
Country:United States
Category: Muslim Thought Leader of the Year (over 30)
Total Votes: 31

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List of the nominee's achievements:

Pioneer in creating branding through recruitment advertising in 1995
Developed and published environmental campaign with EEG, Dubai, UAE
Established Sultanate of Oman's first Media Club -2001
Established world's first Muslim Spelling Bee Competition & also established Muslim Science Bee, Muslim Math Bee, Muslim History Bee and Muslim Geography Bee competitions
Established world's first global Muslim news paper "Global Muslim Observer
Established Muslim Hall of Fame

The impact and influence the nominee had on the Muslim word:

In American the Muslims have contributed to the country as well have created events and institutions to help fellow Americans and communities. In fact Muslim Americans are one of the highly qualified community with an estimated purchasing power of $170 billion. Tausif Malik founded the idea of connecting communities through education and increase the Muslim Students participation at the mainstream competition in order to create future pool of leadership.This idea was developed as Muslim Students were excelling in education but were lacking participation in the mainstream competitions. It is observed competition gives a platform to challenge individuals and this helps in enhancing competitive qualities amongst students. Hence to increase competitive edge amongst Muslim Students, Tausif Malik launched and established Muslim Spelling Bee, Muslim Science Bee, Muslim Math Bee, Muslim Geography Bee & Muslim History Bee competitions. Generally the Muslim Community in American would establish a not for profit to conduct community and religious events, but the successrate of not of profit is poor and good ideas and projects die faster due to lack of funding and professionalism. Tausif Malik established these competition based on the Islamic knowledge that Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) encouraged to do ‘Tijarat’ (business) to elevate the community and secondly the fundraising from the community is conducted to only help the needy in the neighborhood. Hence, Tausif wanted to establish a social enterprise based on Islamic values and address the following issues: 1.Increase Muslim students participations 2.Create a platform to connect communities 3.Create a national competition for Muslim Students 4.Events which Muslim Students can associate themselves with. 5.Regional competitions to offer vendors to sell their products 6.Revenue sharing model, where community schools earn additional revenue through vendor space, food sales, fundraising etc 7.Events where all the stakeholders of the community participate for betterment of the Muslim Students and community. 8.Create a platform for marketeers to market their products and services to $170 billion Muslim American Market 9.Unified ethnic media to promote the events and increase their shelf life and readership, when Muslim Students names and pictures are published. 10.Students of different faiths also can participate and 2013 competition saw two Hindu students compete and win. The Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) never discriminated amongst people. The Muslim Spelling Bee was launched in 2011 and partnered with 9 leading Islamic Schools across all the major metropolitan regions in United States of America. The Muslim Spelling Bee is a English Spelling Bee competition and currently held across 11 locations in the country and top spellers from each regional competition come to Chicago for Finals and winners of this competition are National Champions. The Muslim Spelling Bee competition format was developed by TMA Worldwide and it was hosted by Islamic Schools, so first ever Public-Private Partnership Program held in Muslim Community in across America. The advantages to the host schools: 1.Nationwide publicity 2.Revenue generation through vendor space, food sales, fundraising etc 3.Open house to promote their school Marketing milestones: 1.Website ranking moved rapidly from nowhere to approximately 6,151,025 by, without conducting SEO & SEM 2.Viral effect across the country and across the world; has visitors from majority of the countries. 3.Unified ethnic media to promote the event 4.First ever community event which is recorded and broadcasted on TV (TV ONE Global). Our social enterprise model of Public-Private Partnership Program has been featured on Guardian Newspaper Social Enterprise, Northwestern, Harvard etc. The Muslim Spelling Bee competition has successfully innovated a competition to create a platform for muslim students, communities, media and marketeers to connect and helping social work, job creation and identity. InshaAllah Muslim Spelling Bee competition will be launched in other countries and simultaneously other competition will be launched at 11 different Islamic Schools, so finally for all competitions 55 community schools in 11 metropolitan regions of American will be held. This feat has not be accomplished by any mainstream or community organization.

The impact and influence the nominee had on the world and humanity:

The premise of the Muslim Spelling Bee and other competitions was based on Islamic ethos to create a sustainable event, where everyone related achieve holistic benefit in terms of community, social responsibility, job creation and halal income. The competitions also help volunteers to learn marketing, promotion, judging, pronouncing, photography, media management etc, this helps in enhancing their skills for future job prospects or business.

The benefits to school:
1.Nationwide publicity
2.Revenue generation through vendor space, food sales, fundraising etc
3.Open house to promote their school
4.Interfaith opportunities

The benefits to vendors/small business:
1.Income generation through sale of goods at the regional competitions
2.Vendor lease space is very reasonable and affordable, so it not only helps small business but women entrepreneur to earn halal income in Islamic environment
3.The competition offers a catchment area to the vendors.

The benefits to national economy:
1.Participants and family travel from across America to participate at regional competitions.
2.240 finalists and their families then travel to Chicago for National Finals.
Hence Travel and Tourism industry benefits
3.Marketeers & Sponsors get online and offline media and marketing vehicles to promote and market their products to the Muslim American Market.This is the most cost effective way to connect with the Muslim American Market.
Hence helping in revenue generation for the marketeers.
4.The vendors income generated affects income associated to them.

How the nominee’s activities and achievement will continue to impact and influence in the future:

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Muslim Spelling Bee was nominated and shortlisted for prestigious Global Islamic Economy Award by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Thompson Reuters and recently awarded 2013 Illinois Excellence Award by USIEC.