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Name: Dr. Belal Ayyoub
Category: Muslim Volunteer of the Year
Total Votes: 1406

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List of the nominee's achievements:

Dr. Belal is a phd graduated and is a proffesor assistant at Al-Balqa Applied University – Faculty of Engineering Technology.
He is lecturer in many different fields like Networking, Internet, positive and negative about using networking programs like facebook etc.., science and so on.
He is a presenter ,teacher and network engineer for Cisco and Nortel in middle east.
He has a history on human tranings on how to build a selfesteem , manage a time, team spirit, write resumes and to success by achieving their career goals.
He is working with young people on improving learning tools , how to be positive with their new educaiton like example Hackers manners and how to be respectful even if they have power.

He achieved many programs like:
1. Donation in Ramadan to all needy people like widows, divorced women and so on.
2. Clean the Masjeds and public facilites.
3. He is the 1st person who established clothes bank.
4. Manager of Khwarezmi magazine in Iskandria.
5. The leader of middle young club in the past.
6. The founder of volunteering in Jordanian private schools.
7. The founder of “Leaders in volunteering club”
8. Program to work with poor family on educating them how to survive by themselves.
9. Free programs to help the students on their graduation projects and many free training in Cisco and so on…

Dr. Belal has too many acheivements and they non countable.

The impact and influence the nominee had on the Muslim word:

Dr. Belal is the 4th impacted man in Jordan on people. He is leading the young people to volunteer and he is giving training for free just to help young people to establish their future. He has been volunteering since 30 years and he is still looking for more to bring more humans to find their right way to walk by. He has a non counted volunteering programs and lectures in universities,schools and etc...

The impact and influence the nominee had on the world and humanity:

The impact is mainly in Jordan and Arab countries.

How the nominee’s activities and achievement will continue to impact and influence in the future:

Dr. Belal has his activities and clubs that attracted people to volunteer in many different fields.

All volunteers who are working with him are calling him from TV and radio: رائد العمل التطوعي فيالاردن and الاب الروحي للتطوع.

List of any references that support the nomination, i.e books, magazaines, websites, ..etc

Dr. Belal has more than one program in a TV channel.

-Kaifa chanel and the program name is: برنامجي"كيف تعمل الاشياء"

Dr. Belal will launch his new program very soon.

All his programs in You Tube:

Dr. Belal is on facebook and he has Thousands of followers.

صفخة برنامج "كيف تعمل الاشياء"
مقابلة صحفية
في مقابلة مع القناه الفضائية للتلفزيون الاردني
مقابلة في قناه رؤيا الفضائية

مفابلة مع قناة كيف الفضائية للمساعدة في اختيار التحصص الجامعي